The functions riskreg and ate returns an object of the type targeted.

An object of class 'targeted' is a list with at least the following components:


An estimate object with the target parameter estimates (see estimate.default)


Object returned from the applied optimization routine


number of parameters of the model (target and nuisance)


String describing the model


objects of the S3 class 'targeted'

S3 generics

The following S3 generic functions are available for an object of class targeted:

  • coefExtract target coefficients of the estimated model.

  • vcovExtract the variance-covariance matrix of the target parameters.

  • ICExtract the estimated influence function.

  • printPrint estimates of the target parameters.

  • summaryExtract information on both target parameters and estimated nuisance model.'

See also


## See example(riskreg) for examples